June 9, 2016 9AM

website-splash2Poor Farm Fest 2016 is CANCELLED.

This is a sad time at the Poor Farm, we are compelled to choose between family concerns and the festival we all love so much. Illness has come to our door, and the 4 generation family must pull all of our members together to support those who need it. Sometimes it is difficult to make decisions like this, but this time there really was no doubt. The first priority is family. Our festival family has come together, vendors and bands, to support this decision. We are so very grateful for the heart that beats for family in the music business. And we promise to come back to Poor Farm Fest as soon as we can. All ticket holders will be reimbursed promptly, we have names of many who bought tickets locally and email addresses from online purchases. If you have bought a ticket and don’t receive communication from us in the next week please let us know how to contact you for the reimbursement.